Website Development

In today's corporate world, once can simply not do without a website. The huge concentration of potential clients and customers with an online presence is increasingly on a daily basis and offers a medium for business unlike any other.

For consumer-oriented businesses looking to directly pitch to their clients, websites have been a god-sent gift. An enticing website with appealing colours, attractive design and high conversion content simply means more money in the bank.

Therefore, we at NilssenRam have this unique mantra that we follow to develop high-end, custom websites for all budgets and specifications.

Measurable Quality

We believe that you can measure the success of your website. With our take on designing and development, customer conversion rates go up and business inquiries become a regular feature.

And that too with an attractive marketing tool that you can proudly showcase!

Dynamic Features

Websites are often tailor-made to exact client requirements. Some want their websites to be filled with sliders, neat widgets and attractive content, while others go for the visibly spectacular in the form of videos and pictures.

According to your specific needs, we can chalk out a comprehensive plan and using our seasoned team churn out works of art that don't only look pretty but act as major business aids.

Outstanding Design & Development

From colour schemes to wowing designs, NilssenRam has a dedicated team to outperform the competition. And it's through our extensive experience in the field that we are able to turn our client's dreams into realities with outstanding reviews.

But our websites not only incorporate the finer aspects of designing, but are coded with the latest techniques using state-of-the-art tools to achieve a robust back-end.


Although our team is equally capable of meeting any website specifications, one of our penchant favourites is working with E-Commerce websites and online shops. While most of the design elements remain the same barring the actual shopping features, E-Commerce sites have a uniquely difficult development process.

As such the client requirements are difficult to execute and require high-end precision to ensure that potential customers browsing the site, managing the store and receiving payments is done seamlessly.

Therefore, we thoroughly test our websites before going live and encourage client feedback to ensure the highest degree of quality. This results in measurable quality and allows us maintain our highly regarded services.

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Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading IT firms in the world, making a difference in the industry and providing value for our clients.

Our Mission

To blend with customers, emphasize on standards, develop innovative designs and deliver quality shots. To build a strong bridge so that both customers and employers be relaxed

Our Team

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
– Henry Ford

We are a little group of extremely knowledgeable, committed, inspired people, who are enthusiastic and cooperating to provide the best assistance to our clients. Our group comprehend the value of client, we organize the task, split the job into manageable segments, speed up, wiser and motivate each other throughout the procedure. There's no job too big or too little, because we know that clients are at the center of our success.