Online security has become a vocal part of the online community as more and more confidential data is cast electronically. This raises a serious question for businesses and individual who rely on IT systems for operations and development.

With a host of viruses, data hackers and security threats present, many opt for security features to protect their operational data and other softwares in place. However, that is easier said than done, especially given the tedious nature of how things work.

Data threats in particular are continuously evolving and therefore, there is no single solution to the problem. It requires constant monitoring and updating to keep the system fresh, and needs quick modifications if a weakness is found.

For such flexibility and continuous support, most firms opt for NilssenRam; a firm with years of in-depth industry experience and certified professionals on the roster to combat any security issue.

Security Services

We offer the latest in technological advancements coupled with 24/7 reliable support to secure your digital assets. Our comprehensive plan for enhanced security measures starts with a survey to determine the existing setup and muscling it up in case there are weaknesses found.

Establishing firewalls and determining watch-dog perimeters are latter steps, after which a dedicated support staff is indicted to offer constant vigilance in case of data theft attempts or security probes.

Emergency Response Service

With any security breach threatening to derail a business' brand, operations and data, it's imperative that the response be immediate and decisive. We at NilssenRam employ some of the finest IT technicians in the world and provide accurate recovery, response and assessment plans.

Stopping data leakages and possible security threats is crucial, but we place great emphasis on security assessment and bulking up in weak areas to prevent such unsavory incidents in the first place.

Air-tight security with competitive pricing

Our security features both in recovery, response and development are designed to give our valuable clients the best value for money possible. It's our rigid belief that quality never waivers but we don't charge a fortune for that.

Ready to protect your digital assets? Contact us to see how we can help!

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading IT firms in the world, making a difference in the industry and providing value for our clients.

Our Mission

To blend with customers, emphasize on standards, develop innovative designs and deliver quality shots. To build a strong bridge so that both customers and employers be relaxed

Our Team

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
– Henry Ford

We are a little group of extremely knowledgeable, committed, inspired people, who are enthusiastic and cooperating to provide the best assistance to our clients. Our group comprehend the value of client, we organize the task, split the job into manageable segments, speed up, wiser and motivate each other throughout the procedure. There's no job too big or too little, because we know that clients are at the center of our success.