Migration Services

Sometimes working with Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla just doesn't cut it anymore for your business. PHP is rated as the king of website development owing to its nifty features and customization options, and most tailor-made sites are constructed using this tool.

However, moving your existing website to PHP can be a major hassle, especially if you don't the technical expertise to make such a thing happen.

But fear not, NilssenRam has extensive experience in website migration to PHP from a number of technologies, with a seamless result and no compromise on quality.

Website Migration

The actual website migration is a tricky process and requires prior experience; otherwise it could lead to a host of unwanted problems. But our trained experts are technological whizzes who can get the job done within hours!

Some website owners opt to move the entire site to PHP and while this is the usual request, the costs for this migration tends to be higher with more data and technical components involved.

However, NilssenRam tends to standout of the competition owing to our commitment to quality and offer lower costs to migrate certain aspects of your site and merge them into PHP. This doesn't compromise any functionality and allows you to keep expenses at a minimum.

The process though is simple enough and all you have to do is give us details of which platform you are currently using and when do you plan to migrate. And offer negotiating the terms, our seasoned team gets to work immediately and depending on the actual size of your site and database, can migrate successfully within hours.

We also make sure you are headed in the right direction and there is no technical conflict between the existing platform and your hosting. And even if such situations do arise, we are always here to help!

Server Migration

Server Migration is an equally important part of the overall site migration. Sometimes, the existing server and hosting plans are not technically compatible with PHP and thus require changing for successful changeover.

We at NilssenRam offer competitive rates alongside the best migration services whether it's Windows Server, Linux or even a Mac OS X server.

To the untrained eye, these may seem the same, but the reality is far different and requires extensive care during the migration period. Luckily, our team is well-experienced in such migrations and can get the task done within a few hours after receiving your exact needs.

Get your migration rolling for websites and servers! Click here to get started.

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