May 2016

New Articles

To our collection of penetration test articles we added 2 new articlesNmap- Network mapper and moreMetasploit- Exploits for the masses NMap Metasploit Read More »


Apr 2016

Hackergroup Anonghost reunion in splitted parts

In their last pastebin post from 12th April Anonghost announced that they broke into pieces.Captain Carlo member of Anonghost wrote on pastebin that some members of the Hackergroup were/are working together with ISIS and two new groups were formed.Another member called Necronomikon explained that the real anonghost is gone, a new group with the name Ghost Squad Hackers will take place of it.Ghost Squad Hackers has nothing to do with ISIS, the res ...Read More »


Apr 2016

Python Character Encrypter

The chr() function (pronounced 'char', short for 'character') takes an integer ordinal and returns a single-character string." & vbCrLf & "eg.: chr(65) return 'A' This is intended only to obscure a string from a casual prying eye.It is NOT intended to be a replacement for true encryption like 3DES and RSA encryption.Download: NRINT-PyEnc.zip Read More »