Application Development

Application development is an art. Whether built on the robust iOS platform or the highly diversified Android operating system, applications have become a hand-held favourite and enjoy a considerable leap over mobile sites. So much so, that 85% of smart-phone users would rather utilize an app than open up a mobile website according to Mediapost.

It's simple. While mobile sites are basic and simple, applications allow for a bundle of features to be used on a smart-phone, whether it's in the form of gaming or a map. And with an immersive experience, that can be tailored to suit either of the world's two most used platforms, applications catch the imagination of the user much more quickly.

We at NilssenRam believe that applications should be far-reaching and should truly convey the message you are looking to send out. Whether its corporate applications designed to enhance productivity or a game to delight the masses, our commitment to exceeding expectations has resulted in scores of delighted clients and enthralled customers.

And with such fervent dedication to quality, it's no wonder that most customers looking for IT services, tend to recommend NilssenRam for professionalism, constant support and measurable quality.


Without adhering to strict quality control techniques and hiring the crème de la crème of the coding world, we would simply not be able to match the high standards we have set for ourselves. And in order to under-promise and over-deliver, we focus on getting things right from the start. From the basic design and to the last line of coding, we ensure the highest degrees of quality assurance and thorough checking combined with an astute sense of application development. The results? Application development trimmed to your exact needs and with a bout of quality to give you that extra zing.

Flawless UI

One of the most fundamental questions that need answering every time an application takes shape is a fluid User interface. Get this wrong and the entire experience of the application is compromised. So keeping that intently in mind, our team conducts extensive industry research and client market to ensure that the User Interface is not only user-friendly, seamless and smooth but also caters precisely to your needs.

Enhanced Features

Owing to our in-depth industry expertise, we custom-design applications with any feature you desire. From high-end games to financial accounting, we can make it happen and that too without ever compromising on quality.

Custom Designs

Can't find what you're looking for in the market? You've come to the right place! Designs are never the same and it is in the same spirit that we custom-design and develop applications with your tailored needs. Highlight what you want, how you want it and when you want it; the rest is up to us!

Invigorating Colours

Most firms tend to ignore this crucial bit of information. But to seal the deal and create a true masterpiece, every part of the jigsaw puzzle must fit. That's why we colour coordinate visually spectacular images and designs to make sure that along with outstanding coding and a robust back-end, the colours too become an integral part of the application.

Hooked? You should be! Contact us here to get a quote for your application design & development!

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading IT firms in the world, making a difference in the industry and providing value for our clients.

Our Mission

To blend with customers, emphasize on standards, develop innovative designs and deliver quality shots. To build a strong bridge so that both customers and employers be relaxed

Our Team

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
– Henry Ford

We are a little group of extremely knowledgeable, committed, inspired people, who are enthusiastic and cooperating to provide the best assistance to our clients. Our group comprehend the value of client, we organize the task, split the job into manageable segments, speed up, wiser and motivate each other throughout the procedure. There's no job too big or too little, because we know that clients are at the center of our success.