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Nilssen Ramanathan TechSoft Pvt Ltd., was founded in Mid Jun 2014 with a vision to provide state-of-the-art IT services and more.

Since our inception, we have grown to become a household name in terms of quality, pricing and above all, commitment to the client. With dedicated teams, seasoned staff and some of the best IT minds making up our firm, we believe that there is no challenge we aren't ready for.

Whether it's developing a notoriously complex application on android to a comprehensive IT security plan for digital assets, we offer a complete solutions for all your needs and that too with superior pricing and attractive packages.

And with such fervent dedication to quality, it's no wonder that most customers looking for IT services, tend to recommend NilssenRam for professionalism, constant support and measurable quality.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading IT firms in the world, making a difference in the industry and providing value for our clients.

Our Mission

To blend with customers, emphasize on standards, develop innovative designs and deliver quality shots. To build a strong bridge so that both customers and employers be relaxed

  • Web Application

    An enticing website with appealing colours, attractive design and high conversion content simply means more money in the bank.

  • Hosting & Domain

    With our data servers and farms to host limitless information, we stand out of the crowd with customer satisfaction, constant support and quality guarantee.

  • SEO / SEM / SMO

    We are well-versed in the art of Search-Engine Optimazations and follow a comprehensive plan to take you to the top of the rankings.

  • Designing & Testing

    We offer a number of areas to build your brand and each one is unique, but together they combine to form a strong base from which marketing strategies can be built upon.



  • Measurable Quality
    We believe that you can measure the success of your website. With our take on designing and development, customer conversion rates go up and business inquiries become a regular feature.
  • Dynamic Features
    Websites are often tailor-made to exact client requirements. Some want their websites to be filled with sliders, neat widgets and attractive content, while others go for the visibly spectacular in the form of videos and pictures.
  • Outstanding Design & Development
    From colour schemes to wowing designs, NilssenRam has a dedicated team to outperform the competition. And it's through our extensive experience in the field that we are able to turn our client's dreams into realities with outstanding reviews.

Fund Raising website

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Game Development

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